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Our Mission

Big pharma loves to sell American consumers on an idyllic world where all medications will quickly improve their conditions.

¬†Beautiful landscapes, children playing with their dogs, bicycle riding, and more. We’ve all seen the commercials but what many consumers haven’t seen are the devastating Side Effects many of these medications can cause.¬†

Here at Side Effects May Vary, we detail the truth behind these medications and how harmful side effects are all too often dangerously misrepresented by corporations.


Learn how Big Pharma hides major side effects in plain site

Approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is not a guarantee of a drug’s safety.  Did you know approximately 66% of the FDA’s budget for medicine reviews is funded by Big Pharma? Did you also know the FDA is dependent on studies provided by pharmaceutical companies in order to make decisions for their approval process?

Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Your Medication

NDMA is just one carcinogen that has been found in both common over the counter medication and prescriptions such as Zantac, Metformin, and more.